Why Choose AWS for Your Odoo Projects

AWS offers a wide range of opportunities to power Odoo, making it an even more robust solution. With the ability to integrate Odoo into its Enterprise and Community versions.


Differences with O.sh

Why settle for non-performance when you can have the best? Compare and witness the difference.

Odoo Enterprise Ready
Odoo Community
Customer Support LH 24H
Database Access (via IDE)
Pay for what you use
Easy setup
GitHub compatible
Any other Git platform compatible
Production and Development Environments with independent resources (CPU / RAM)
Configurable backup period (up to 1 hour)
Security: Custom access level 2

How can we help taking Odoo to AWS?

Scalability & Speed: Effortlessly adjust resources as needed.
Unmatched Uptime: AWS ensures constant Odoo platform availability.
Advanced Security: Protect valuable data with AWS security.
Global Reach: Reach customers worldwide with AWS global network.
Flexible Pricing: Choose cost-effective plans based on your requirements.
Dedicated Support: 24/7 assistance for smooth operations.